Rolls-Royce Phantom, The Ultimate Luxurious Motor Car

This Phantom VIII is built on a tailored new architecture to be even smoother, quieter and a more refined drive than the 2003 VII it replaces. It is the most technologically advanced product in the British luxury maker’s portfolio too. Plus, the design is entirely new, aesthetically refined on the outside and sumptuously luxurious inside replete with a one-of-its-kind curated gallery.

According To Forbes:

“The typical customer is likely to be chauffeured in the extended-wheelbase model, which offers an extra 8.6 inches in length. Yet, for this eighth-generation Phantom, the engineering team have also deliberately created a driver’s car. ”

According to CNET:

“Much of that aggression softens toward the rear, though, as coach lines and creases alike fade to nothing, leaving a smoother, more elegant shape. This helps the new Phantom transition to a less bulky back end where its boat-tail-style body tapers into a less imposing rear.”

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