Rocky Horror Picture Show Miami-Style With Otto von Schirach and Mr. Feathers

This Halloween, O Cinema is bringing one of the most beloved cult films back, keeping it interactive and adding a tropical touch.

Organizer Liz Ferrer is taking the geek and freak classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and giving it, in her words, “Miami charm.” For a hint of what to expect, she calls it the “Rocky Horror Booty Show.”

Cast member and IDM maverick Otto von Schirach said it’ll be a “Rocky Horror, Que Pasa, U.S.A.? mess.” As his character Eddie, he’ll even get beaten with a chancleta.

You might remember that crooner Meatloaf played Eddie in the original. On the topic of that bat out of hell, Von Schirach says, “[He is] awesome, epic.”

Both Ferrer and von Schirach are Rocky Horror virgins. But the project started when Ferrer got a call from O Cinema’s Vivian Marthell asking for help with the actorly aspects of the picture show. Her response was, “Hell yeah, I’m going to put all my friends in it. All my friends with the biggest personalities.”

Aside from Otto, the cast includes music man Mr. Feathers, TM Sisters, and Kizzy Gonzalez. Plus renaissance man Nassie Shahoulian will be the MC and expect local artist cameos as Transylvanians.

“Everybody is their own person or character, everybody is doing a really good job,” Otto says, adding of the whole affair, “It’s super freaky.”

As for the performer-audience interactions? Traditional callback responses to the film remain applicablehere. But again, there will be some especial to Miami. And Otto’s got a few unique ones like sucia! and tocate!


Source: Miami New Times