Rockwell opens at Miami Beach

Rockwell, a new nightlife sensation has been open at Miami Beach. Rockwell will bring the perfect storm of LA cool, New York music and Miami energy to the space with this venture. Located on 743 Washington Avenue, the concept pays homage to Miami’s rich history in nightlife, a rebirth of the space that formerly held the exclusive South Beach hotspots including Les Bains and Chaos. Rockwell is brought by legendary nightclub persario Chris Pacellio who has partnered with Milo Danilovic formerly of SBE Group. There vision for Rockwell is that it will be a club that reallly takes care of there clients with the best in hospitality. Here is more information about Rockwell :


According to South Beach Magazine :

“Rockwell’s Washington Avenue location formerly held clubs Les Bains and Chaos. Slated to hold just 450 guests, the venue was designed by famed Miami-based Interior Designer Francois Frossard (who also crafted the former Arkadia space at the Fontainebleau Resort) to reflect Paciello’s notions of “LA cool, New York music and Miami energy.” With a focus on hospitality, Rockwell will offer a mixed musical format and feature live performances as well. In many South Beach clubs, the success of any given evening is wholly determined by the DJ booked to perform. Paciello hopes to broaden his new club’s focus to the quality of the venue and the energy and atmosphere of the space. Following a successful career as Vice Presient of Sam Nazarian’s Las Vegas and Los Angeles hospitality brand SBE, Danilovic joins the South Beach nightlife community with hopes to provide South Florida clubgoers a truly unique entertainment option.” written by AM Dreer.


According to Urban Daddy :

“In the tradition of great South Beach clubs of yore (looking at you, Liquid), Chris Paciello is on the scene here. And he’s stocked the place with tufted banquettes that work their way throughout the room, a crazy lotus-like light display on the ceiling and a version of da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man on the wall. It’s like Basel never left. You’ll head here whenever the mood to surround yourself with a crowd of sexy, writhing strangers strikes. Make your way to the long stretch of bar toward the back, grab something made of alcohol and make for the dance floor. It’ll be fine. It’ll all be so fine. In the midst of all of this, there’ll be a DJ, sure. But there also might be some scantily clad, bejeweled ladies walking around with camping lights strapped to their heads.”


According to :

“Paciello and Danilovic said they “plan to bring the art of hospitality back to nightlife” as they recognize the shift in nightlife where the experience is more important that the DJ. Open format music and live performances will take center stage at Rockwell. “Following a successful career in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas, I am truly thrilled to be welcomed into such a close-knit nightclub community in the competitive market that is South Beach,” Danilovic said in a statement. With our synergy and aligned vision for Rockwell, Chris and I are looking forward to opening ourdoors to a great party.” written by Fred Gonzalez.


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