Resorts World Miami Includes Plans For Over 50 Restaurants

Resorts World Miami, the mega resort/casino/condo/convention center being planned by Genting may not be finished for a few years, but one thing’s for sure — it’s going to add a hell of a lot of dining options to the Miami scene.

According to Sergio Bakas, senior vice president for Arquitectonica, the Miami-based firm that’s been named as architect for the project, at the present time there are allotments for “44 restaurants and 20 food court stalls” in the plans (which are still at the conceptual phase).

Now before everyone gets crazy thinking how many Red Lobsters and Chili’s can we put in one downtown space, according to Bakas, the “idea is not to bring in large chain restaurants, but to bring in local counterparts.”

At this point, there are no lease negotiations with possible tenants or even blueprints of possible restaurant sites, but we’re trying to wrap our heads around having more than 40 local restaurateurs under one roof. 

The $3 billion project is slated to be located on the Miami Herald and Omni sites. For more info on this behemoth undertaking, see our Riptide blog.

Instead of freaking out about our city turning into Las Vegas — or worse, Atlantic City — close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now picture a world where Miami foodies can stroll in safe, climate-controlled comfort from restaurant to restaurant.

In our mind*, we’ll start with some tapas from Michelle Bernstein’s Sra. Blackjack, have a steak at Prime Resorts Miami, and finish with a Hedy Goldsmith dessert from Michael’s Genuine Casino before taking in a musical revue starring Tom Jones and Pitbull at the Barton G. Concert Hall and playing some slots at the Tudor House Casino.

See! That wasn’t so bad, was it?