Repour Bar opens at Albion South Beach

Albion Hotel South Beach finally got their space filled. It is called Repour Bar. This a craft cocktail bar featuring locally grown and homemade ingredients. Featuring an eclectic evolving menu, in a relaxed setting by cocktail experts! Opens by Miami mixologist Isaac Grillo who specializes in creating cocktails with garden fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This is his first bar, much of it inspired by his family- and the ties to his memories growing up in Colorado. Here is more information about Repour Bar :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Repour, a cozy evening hang with liquor-filled tea service and a healthy dose of Wu-Tang on the stereo, opening Monday at the Albion in South Beach. This is from Haven’s bartender extraordinaire, Isaac Grillo. The guy behind those liquid-nitro martinis you’ve sampled. Here, though, he’s taken over the old Drogerie space with something a bit more homespun. Tea. Jam. Pour-your-own drinks.”


According to :

“Transforming the space, formerly a sophisticated “medicinal cocktail bar” known as Drogerie, from ultra-luxe to laidback was a priority for Grillo and his team. But make no mistake, this is not a blithe disregard for Miami’s elevated cocktail scene. Grillo sees it as more of an evolution. The back-to-basics philosophy is sweeping through the culinary and bar scene around the world, and it’s a trend that ultimately gives the cocktail lover more options for imbibing.  Repour, like some of its popular counterparts in town, is equipped with a garden featuring fresh herbs like spicy basil, pineapple sage and chocolate mint for an eclectic array of cocktails that will rotate. There are also plans to grow and expand the garden offerings as the bar grows in the coming months.” written by Galena Mosovich.


According to New Times :

“In addition to that special cocktail, Repour will feature a tea service with cold tea cocktails for two, served in kettles alongside Grillo’s mother’s teacups and saucers. Accompanying this boozy tea will be liquor jams. “Right now on my shelf I have a strawberry ginger with AfroHead rum and Root liquor, and a mixed berry with Campari and sweet vermouth.” Ice is an important component of a well-made cocktail, and the mixologist will explore interesting ways to cool your drink, including using a sphere of coconut water in a glass of AfroHead XO rum and using Colorado river rocks to chill fine spirits. Grillo says the rocks are ‘like whiskey stones but in their raw form and will be frozen to take the place of ice cubes in our stirred cocktails from the garden.'” written by Laine Doss.


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