Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara at Hot Pursuit Screening in Miami

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara continue their promotional assault in matching hues at screening of their new movie, Hot Pursuit in Miami. The Oscar winner, Reese Witherspoon jetted into town Monday with costar Sofia Vergara doing Spanish press for their upcoming buddy comedy Hot Pursuit, opening May 8.

The two ladies took advantage of all our town had to offer. According to their social media accounts, Witherspoon got some liquid energy from a cafecito. “@sofiavergara introduced me to a little, teeny weeny secret weapon called Cuban coffee!!!!! Apparently it makes you put exclamations on everything!!!!!!!” Witherspoon wrote on Facebook. The actress also showed off some Spanish skills: “Um … Miami te amo!” while posing out on her hotel terrace overlooking Miami Beach.

Reese and Sofia have become inseparable as they do the rounds publicizing their new film and their public poking fun at each other and playful banter about working together is going down well.

As they continue their whirlwind assault on the movie-going masses, Reese shared a photo of the pair boarding their plane Monday morning and captioned it: ‘Get ready, World for #HotPursuit! @sofiavergara and I are coming for you!!’

Warner Bros. are clearly pulling out all the stops to try and make sure that Hot Pursuit is a huge box office hit.

Reese and Sofia have shown up at the MTV Movie Awards in LA and had Ellen DeGeneres and her audience in stitches with a skit on Ellen’s TV chat show called The Three Sofias.

In the film, Reese plays an inept cop who has to protect a drug dealer’s widow from the cartel and corrupt police officers who want to stop her testifying at a trial.

The odd couple find themselves on the run and having to engage in all sorts of deception in order to make it safely to the Dallas courtroom.

It’s directed by Anne Fletcher who made 2009’s The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.


Source : Daily Mail,  Rachel Mcgrath