Quattro Gastronomia Italiana

Quattro Gastronomia Italiana brought the authentic tastes of Northern Italy 5,200 miles across the Atlantic to South Beach’s stylish Lincoln Road. KNR Restaurant Group, the dynamic group whose partners include Karim Masri (Astor Place in the Hotel Astor, Metro Kitchen + Bar and Bambu), Nicola Siervo (Joia and Metro Kitchen + Bar), Nicola Schon and Rony Seikaly, has created an authentic Italian trattoria and gastronomic oasis in the heart of Miami Beach.


Quattro offers over ten different types of antipasti. Though the menu spans several regional styles of Italian cuisine, the chefs are presenting a number of risotto and pasta dishes. Quattro’s house-made pastas are prepared in an imported La Monferrina™ pasta machine from Alessandria. Rarely used in the Unites States, it is one of the finest pasta machines available in Italy, and creates authentic pasta that mirrors Old World handcrafted pasta in both appearance and flavor.


Meals end on a sweet note with delicious selections such as the Bianco mangiare alla nutella, a creamy panna cotta topped with a layer of chocolate hazelnut spread, and the Dolce Della Paiione, a rich passion fruit semifreddo. House-made gelati are included in over a dozen desserts, and flavors include spicy chocolate, passionfruit and pistachio as well as classics like stracciatella, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.


Quattro’s cocktail list showcases a number of classic Italian cocktails, some of which are updated with Floridian flare. Quattro also features several signature cocktails that combine sweet and savory sensations? and an all-Italian wine list hand-selected by partner Nicola Schon, who is also owner/vintner of Colle Manora vineyard in the countryside of the Monferrato. The region’s most famous wines are the rich and complex Barolo, the dramatic Barbaresco, the rustic Barbera, and the dry, fruity Dolcetto, each of which pair perfectly with Quattro’s gutsy, flavorful dishes.


Source: Digest Miami


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