Punch opens at Wynwood

PUNCH specializes in creative mojito based vessels like fishbowl-sized urns with spigots. Reviving  the crafted punches of the 17th, 18th and 19th century but with a tropical twist. Homemade Cuban bites presented in a fun and colorful way, will bring delicacy to our complete experience. Fusing American comfort food and typical Cuban recipes. The art of sharing is about doing things in groups, and PUNCH facilitate a special bonding between people, making it a fun-loving experience. It gets people pushing tables together, and that’s all you can ask for. Here is more infromation about PUNCH :


According to Urban Daddy :

“This used to be News Lounge. It’s since been taken over by the El Patio crew and given a decidedly Cuban makeover. See, the owners took a trip to Havana and decided to rip a page out of their boxing museum’s playbook. Which probably explains the boxing gloves lining the walls, the blue lockers and the poster of Cuban boxer Kid Chocolate on the wall. The theme is strong with this one. Inside, you’ve got a few options. There’s the Trophy Room, a solid spot for some rum and vaca frita sliders amongst a cadre of medals and championship belts. Then there’s the adjacent Ring Room with a private space in the back lined with punching bags. But the patio is where you’ll find the bar. It’s a makeshift one fashioned out of 5,000 domino pieces and bottle-lined scaffolding. To keep you entertained: an outdoor billiards table and a stage for late-night salsa dance-offs.” written by Jackie Gutierrez-Jones.


According to New Times :

“The two owners came up with their new spot’s name, Punch, during the taxi ride from the Havana airport. “The first place we visited was the most beautiful, cool thing: an old boxing ring surrounded by all these crumbled down ruins. Everything was made out of wood and metal.” That boxing ring provided the inspiration for Punch’s centerpiece, a 25-foot scaffolding at the bar (which is made from made dominoes) with a Cuban flag planted on top. Perez and Hoyos were also particularly intrigued by the legend of Kid Chocolate, the Havana-born light heavyweight boxing champion of the ’30s. “The entire inside has a vintage boxing feel as a play on our name. We have giant punch bowls of mojitos that comes in three different flavors: heavyweight, middleweight, and lightweight.” written by David Rolland.


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