Save all day, every day in your local neighborhood by receiving exclusive monthly discounts at all of your local businesses. Unlike a coupon, there is no advanced purchase required and you have unlimited use and access to all the services provided. We will supply you with the digital proof of being a member right on your mobile device, making it as convenient as possible. We will keep you in touch with what is new and where to be seen, as well as supply you with special access to exclusive social events in Miami. If there are any business additions you would like to have made to the discounted list please contact us.

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How does becoming a Miami City Social Member help you?

  • Save hundreds of dollars per month at all of your local businesses
  • Unlimited use and access to services provided
  • No advanced purchase require
  • Exclusive discounts from top businesses in your areas
  • Convenient mobile held system
  • Special entrance to exclusive social events in Miami

How to become a member:

  • Register through our link provided
  • Pay $20
  • Complete profile and add image

Once registered:

  • Make your way to the search bar
  • Search the business you are looking for
  • In this business page, you will see the discount that is provided
  • Once you have received your confirmation email and your card you are able to use any discounts you would like.

How to use at businesses:

Before receiving the check note to the business employee that you are a member of Miami City Social

  • Show proof of membership with your mobile card
  • The discount will be added to your check
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