Primrose opens at South Beach

In our world French colonies left behind a culture of cafes, pastries, and even wine. Food, fashion and booze now rein supreme in our fashionable multicultural international destination. The recently renovated Stiles Hotel SoBe at 1120 Collins Ave in the Historic Art Deco District is home to Primrose a Bistro American. Think of Primrose as a dash of Paris, a drizzle of the FAR EAST topped with a pinch of American know how. All that with a single cubed Kentucky small batch… Now serving our community for a quick breakfast, healthy lunch and delightful Dinner. Ingredients sourced from near and far. People watching on Collins under our front porch, small bites by the pool and intimate casual dining in our hidden gem of a dining room. Here is more information about Primrose :


According to Urban Daddy :

“1) Location. It’s right on Collins in the Stiles Hotel. Prime real estate, that.
2-3) The outdoor options. They’re mighty. With a people-watching patio in the front and intimate tables by the pool out back.
4) Just take a look around. Tufted banquettes lining the walls. Plenty of candlelit lanterns illuminating the space. Date-night territory right there.
5) Breakfast. You can do that here with brie-filled omelets and French-ham benedicts.
6) Lunch. Where the Kobe beef burger comes into play.
7) You guessed it: dinner. A strong move with steak frites, oysters and sugarcane pork butt at your disposal.
8-10) Bourbon lemonade, martinis and spiced mojitos. Poured from a Spanish-tiled bar in generous quantities.
11) Just keeping you on your toes.”


According to Eater :

“The cozy, 60-seat Primrose is officially open for business today. The restaurant describes itself as a, “fusion of Far East Fare, traditional American gastronomies and French cooking techniques.” The menu, prepared by Regional Executive Chef Evan Percoco, serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. It features dishes like egg white frittatas and benedicts for breakfast, burgers and snapper sandwiches for lunch and five spiced duck breast and sugar cane pork butt for dinner. Primrose also features an extensive beer and wine menu and custom crafted cocktails. The restaurant’s name pays homage to the property’s original 1930s name, Primrose. But nowadays the hotel goes by the Stiles Hotel.” written by Olee Fowler.


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