Prime Fish, A Tony Fish Shack from the Prime 112 Opening in Miami Beach

Here’s the thing about siblings:

There’s rivalry. Fighting. Differences of opinion.

But in the end, there’s a bond that supersedes everything…

And by bond, we mean fried shrimp and waffles.

Welcome to Prime Fish, Prime 112’s seafood-centric little sister teeming with oysters, lobster and, yes, fried shrimp and waffles, now open in SoFi.

It’s that look. The one you get when talk turns to butter-soaked shellfish and tuna. The Prime 112 crew has noticed. So they’ve built you a modern-day shanty just so you can eat all that briny magnificence in a world of white stone, black banquettes and mosaic-tiled splendor.

You and a date will enter through an arched doorway and come upon a bar. Grab a seat. Get your fill of fresh lobster and oysters. Have a chilled glass of wine. Classic move.

Beyond that, you’ve got a couple of options.

If the sunset’s doing its thing, head outside. That’s where a patio with a massive oak tree awaits. It’s just the spot to enjoy a lobster roll and beer alfresco.

If you’re here for late-night sweet nothings, stay inside. There’s a glass wall that doubles as a wine cellar. Dim chandelier lighting. And a mural of a mermaid.

No, she’s not on the menu.

Source : Urban Daddy