Poke 305 opens at Brickell

The traditional Hawaiian dish is getting plenty of love in Miami lately, and a restaurant solely dedicated to the dish is now opens at 169 SW 7th St, Brickell called Poké 305. The fast-casual restaurant, owned by local Victoria Chediak, it incorporates the Hawaiian fish dish with “the flavors of Latin America” through various sauces, fruits and spices incorporated into the bowls. Creating the dishes is Yukie Horito, a Japanese chef who is the first female graduate of Japan’s Tsuji cooking school. On the menu will be six signature bowls along with a build-your-own own all topped with various sauces. Poké 305 is a fast casual restaurant with a simple and straight forward menu, which we think will become quite popular for a quick lunch among the Brickell business crew. Here is more information about Poke 305 :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Quick poké primer: it originated in that great non-contiguous state of Hawaii. And it’s sort of like sushi, what with all the raw fish and rice. Except Hawaiians just throw the whole thing in a bowl with some sauce and call it a day. That’s basically what’s happening here. Here being a simple concrete-and-wood space primed for your next I-have-10.2-seconds-in-between-meetings lunch. The chef concocting your bowls is Yukie Horita, the first female chef to graduate from Japan’s Tsuji cooking school. Which is to say, you’ll be just fine. Now, you can go with the aforementioned rice as a base, or opt for quinoa and salad. Tuna, shrimp and whitefish will likely find their way in there, too, along with your choice of toppings like jalapeño, fruit and sauces that range from leche de tigre to sriracha.”


According to Yelp :

“I looooved the Akamai bowl, the tuna was fresh and the combination of the mango with the ginger and avocado was soooo delicious.
I’ve also tried the Laki bowl and combination of kimchi with the pineapple and the Korean BBQ sauce was out of this world.
The service was fast making it so convenient,  specially if you are on the run, and if you drive to Poké 305, you can do valet and they validate your ticket!” written by Edgar (rated 5 stars).


According to MMTM :

“Poké 305 is the type of place where you’ll find a favorite dish and make an unapologetic escape for a healthy, fast, and fulfilling lunch. I really love this concept and can only hope that Poké 305 makes its way to other neighborhoods including the burgeoning city of Doral which is where my 9-5 office is located. I love healthy choices at Poké 305 and the fact that they’ve capitalized on a trend that I’m hoping is here to stay.”


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