Pincho Factory Opening in Coral Gables

Sometimes, a burger is just a burger.

Except… when it’s not.

Because it scoffs at traditional things, like… buns.

Pfft… buns. So conventional.

You’re a visionary. You need a visionary patty. You need this place…

Walk on the weird side at the new Pincho Factory, the Gables counterpart to west Miami’s mecca of skewered proteins and insane burger concoctions, now soft-open.

You know how you’ve had to trek all the way out west to scratch that itch for tostón burgers… well, feel free to keep doing that. Just know that you’ve got options. Centrally located ones. Like, right in Coral Gables.

Inside this newer, shinier Pincho: chalkboard-paint-covered walls, reclaimed-wood tables and Kentucky-bourbon ale barrels scattered about. Makes a great spot for a quick lunch. Just head to their counter, place your order and wait for your arepa burger (arepas stuffed with a burger patty and white cheese) and chocolate-and-condensed-milk-covered fries. Yes, that’s really a thing.

Right now, they’re only open for lunch, but when brunch and dinner (and a beer/wine license) finally arrive, expect anything from brews like Wells’ Banana Bread to bacon boats to their signature pastelito burger.

Hey, whatever floats your bacon boat.

Source : Urban Daddy

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