Paris 6 Bistro opens at Miami Beach

The 24 Hour Bistro that has enchanted over a million visitors for the past 10 years, is now finally opening in Miami, to become one of the nicest spot on Miami Beach. It’s opening at 2200 Collins Ave. Here is more information about Paris 6 Bistro Miami :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Yes, you could technically spend a full 24 hours here. And should you ever decide to entertain that somewhat horrifying notion, here’s what it might look like: 9am: Order the croque monsieur and a cup of coffee amid damask-covered walls, chandeliers and paintings by Brazilian artist Flavio Rossi. Note the uncanny likeness to scenes from Midnight in Paris. Moving on. 1:30pm: It’s time for octopus sautéed in olive oil and garlic. And maybe a beer. Definitely a beer. 8pm: If you’re flying solo, grab a stool at the ornate green bar and go with something classic and bourbon-y. If a date is involved, the corner of the tufted red banquette is a strategic call. So is a bottle of wine from the cellar and the Risotto au Ragout d’Osso Buco au Safran Hommage a Nelson Freitas. Just… focus on the risotto and osso buco. 4am: See 9am.” written by JACKIE GUTIERREZ-JONES.


According to Haute Living :

“Revelers rejoice. Starting Thursday, October 24th there will be an amazing new 24-hour brasserie on Collins Avenue named Paris 6. Conveniently located right the at the intersection of three of Miami’s best clubs and hotels, the all hours-resto will serve both French cuisine and favorite dishes from around the world. The concept comes to Miami Beach straight from Brazil, where owner Isaac Azar opened the first one in 2006. His inspiration was the storied bistros of the sixth Arrondissement in Paris such as Café de Flore and Brassérie Lipp. To add another unexpected international another twist, the chef behind dishes like Risotto au Ragout d’Osso Bucco and Escargots a la Bourguignonne is a Venezuelan-born, Spanish-trained chef named Atilio Padra. The menu is a vast array spanning three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and whatever comes in the wee hours in between. Imagine Croque Monsieurs, grand salads, burgers as well as a selection of cakes including the “patented” grand gateau dreamed up by Azar himself.” written by HADLEY HENRIETTE.


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