Pao by Paul Qui opens at Miami Beach

Here comes Pao, a modern asian cuisine from James Beard Foundation award-winning Chef Paul Qui in a spectacular ocean view setting opens at Miami Beach. Pao boldly reflects celebrated chef Paul Qui’s renowned brand of modern Asian cuisine drawing from his background and range of international styles, including Filipino, Spanish, Japanese, and French. Signature items include crudo specialties, original rice dishes and fresh fish and meats seared table-side over Japanese binchotan charcoal. Here is more information about Pao :


According to Eater :

“The restaurant is the first concept outside of Austin, Texas for the chef and his Austin-based restaurant partners, New Waterloo. The wide-ranging menu features dishes with a variety of international influences including Filipino, Spanish, Japanese and French flavors. And as most Miami Beach restaurants like to do, it has an “extensive crudo” and “small plates” menu made utilizing a number of techniques like smoke and charcoal cooking using the restaurant’s binchotan service, where dishes are seared table-side on Japanese charcoal. There is nothing low-key about the design of Faena Miami Beach and Pao at the Dome is no different. The Dome space is described as a “highly modern sphere with ocean views overlooking the courtyard of the hotel.” It features gold leaf walls and a patterned gold leaf design on the ceiling of the dome, a Carrara marble bar with mirrored black shelves along with the $6.5 million gold-leaf unicorn sculpture by Damien Hirst on display in the center of the room. To contrast all the bling of the space itself, Pao has also incorporated plenty of “natural elements” such as wood tables, leather banquettes and custom designed hand-thrown stoneware plates.” written by Olee Fowler.


According to Food For Thought :

“Oddly, despite all the hullabaloo over Faena, details on Qui’s restaurant have been somewhat hard to come by, even as it opened at the beginning of this week. I heard the food would be “modern Asian” with “Filipino, Spanish, Japanese and French flavors;” I heard a lot more about the $6 million Damien Hirst gold-leafed unicorn sculpture (“Golden Myth”) that is the centerpiece of the dining room. But that’s OK: so many restaurants put out so much pre-opening hype these days that I grow tired of hearing about them before they’ve even opened. By contrast, I didn’t have much of an idea of what to expect heading into Pao. So here’s a first look. The menu starts with four choices of fish crudos, along with a “binchotan service” featuring several items that can be grilled tableside over Japanese charcoal. It then moves through about a half-dozen choices of small plates, several rice dishes and a selection of several larger-format plates meant for sharing.”


According to Urban Daddy :

“The Hype: There’s a big-time chef behind it.
The Reality: Yep. That’d be Paul Qui. He’s won a James Beard Award and cut his teeth at a few spots in Austin before he got to us. Try not to hold that against him.

The Hype: You’ll be eating unicorn.
The Reality: Sort of. There’s a dish called the Unicorn made up of sea urchin and sake aioli. But you’ll also find binchotan-grilled seafood, peanut gazpacho and a two-pound roasted Kurobuta pork butt.

The Hype: A unicorn will be among your dining companions.
The Reality: Yep. It’s a bronze sculpture from Damien Hirst that’s propped up on some live moss in the middle of everything.

The Hype: You can drink stuff like whiskey and absinthe mixed with five-spice.
The Reality: Indeed.

The Hype: The patio bar overlooking the ocean is the place to be.
The Reality: Soon enough, friends. Soon enough.”


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