Our mission is to source, roast and prepare the finest coffees in the world, creating a transaction that is mutually beneficial for all participants. This includes the producer and his or her land, workers, and community; our company, including staff, their families and the neighborhoods in and around which we operate, and the consumer. We will pursue constant improvement in coffee quality in a sometimes playful and always intellectually curious way, including those as yet unforeseen or unavailable. We will make every effort to keep our footprint small in terms of energy use and waste production. We are Miami-based, 2390 Northwest 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127, United States, specialty coffee roaster, retailer and wholesaler specializing in the small-batch roasting of coffee beans and the preparation of coffee beverages.

According to The ZAGAT:

“Artisanal coffee” that’s “delectable” (plus “addictive” cookies and other baked goods) draws crowds to the “happening scene” at this “very cute” Miami-area roastery; “thoughtful and dedicated baristas” ease the pain of what can be “ridiculously long lines”, while the “hipster vibe” and “relaxed atmosphere” make this a “favorite spot” for “hanging out.”

According To Eater:

As the most notable coffee establishment to come out of Miami, Panther Coffee is arguably the shop that ushered in South Florida’s new coffee wave. Their ever-popular original outpost in Wynwood is both an artist sanctuary and a casual business spot for trendy Miamians. No matter the crowd, the demand is high for this coffee brewer who supplies coffee beans to every prominent restaurant in town.

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