Oolite Restaurant and Bar plans to open May 30th at Miami Beach

Ex Red Light and Florida Cookery, Chef Kris Wessel plans to open his new restaurant called Oolite Restaurant & Bar in Miami Beach. The restaurant that will bring a healthy dining concept, plans to be opened May 30th at 1661 Pennsylvania Ave. Here is more information about Oolite :


According to Zagat :

“Ever wonder what happened to that huge abandoned Cooper Avenue space on Pennsylvania Avenue? Well, apparently it will finally be put to use again. James Beard-nominated chef and winner of Food Network’s Chopped, Kris Wessel (pictured) plans to take over the building with a healthy dining concept, including some gluten-free options. The former Florida Cookery chef is teaming up with Roman Cherstvov (ex partner of Cooper Avenue’s Amir Ben-Zion) to open Oolite Restaurant & Bar (the name comes from a coral rock foundation found in South Florida) in the Miami Beach location on May 30.” written by Carissa Chesanek.


According to Eater :

“Back in November when Kris Wessel parted ways with Florida Cookery, it was reported that he left to pursue other career avenues. Now Miami.com writes that the chef is opening up a new restaurant called Oolite Restaurant and Bar, a healthy dining concept in the former Cooper Avenue space. The blog also reports that Wessel has teamed up with Roman Cherstvov, the former partner of Cooper Ave’s Amir Ben-Zion, and that their restaurant, which will consist of simplified eating with plant, land and sea-based protein offerings, is due to open May 30. ” written by Ana Heretoiu.


According to Miami.com :

“Wessel will feature a menu that captures the essence of simplified eating with plant, land and sea-based protein offerings. Wessel fans will rejoice in the fact that these offerings will be rooted in the regional palate and local culture of the area as well as adhere to limited use of processed ingredients, gluten and saturated fats. And for those foodistas who freak when they hear the word healthy, fret not. Wessel, whose signature dishes have included BBQ shrimp, gumbo and rabbit crepes that he cooked for the win on Chopped, isn’t on some crazy gluten free kick; he’s just going in the direction in which he feels food is evolving. It is the natural progression of where food is going, Wessel says. You see fine dining taking a nod to this at even the very highest level. With Oolite, we are bringing this concept to a ‘local favorite’ restaurant level.”  written by Lesley Abravanel.


Looking forward to see their full menu and schedule. Stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.