Olla opens at Miami Beach

Miami will never experience Mexican cuisine the same after visiting OLLA (pronounced oi-ya). OLLA will celebrate the authenticity of Mexican roots and feature the diverse regional cuisines from Oaxaca to Puebla, Yucatan to Veracruz, and beyond while also using modern techniques and global influences. The meaning behind OLLA translates to a ceramic jar used for cooking where dishes will be served in shareable bowls for a family style experience. Here is more information about OLLA :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Chef Scott Linquist of taco wunderkinds Dos Caminos and Coyo is behind this one. He’s carved out a modest little spot on the locals end of Lincoln Road (which would be south, incidentally). Wood beam ceilings. Polished concrete floors. A large landscape mural inspired by Mexican artist Diego Rivera. That type of vibe. Walking in, you’ll find a long communal table. It’s a good place to find yourself after a long night. Mostly because the place is open until 5am. But also because of the pots of simmering menudo, the barbacoa lamb shoulder and the roasted pig cooked Yucatan-style you’ll have to choose from. Decisions are hard. And since you’ll be parched (you’ll be parched), there’s a full bar pouring sangritas, micheladas and margaritas into the wee hours.” written by Jackie Gutierrez-Jones.


According to Eater :

“Scott Linquist — the man behind the popular taqueria, Coyo — is proving his Mexican cooking chops are much more vast than just tacos. Enter Olla (pronounced oi-ya) debuting on Lincoln Road this week. Named after the the ceramic jar used for cooking in Mexican cuisine, it promises to serve up “diverse regional cuisines from Oaxaca to Puebla, Yucatan to Veracruz, and beyond.” The expansive menu created by Linquist features a variety of small and large plates. On the smaller end are items like guacamole prepared table side, crudos, chapulines, and a Mexican Caesar salad. On the larger end expect a variety of moles sauces and protein-filled dishes made with everything from cuttlefish, to lamb shoulder to roasted pig, with plenty served “a la olla.” The beverage program highlights small batch spirits featuring a variety of tequila and mezcal alongside eclectic selections of wine and beer from Mexican and local brewers, plus a selection of cocktails.” written by Olee Fowler.


According Food For Thoughts :

“The menu leads off with several “tarros,” or jars, with a variety of different layered compositions inside. You hear so often these days about dishes “designed for sharing,” when they are really nothing of the sort – either a few measly bites, invariably in a number not divisible by the number of diners at the table, or something so preciously constructed as to be impossible to split. These tarros are truly designed for sharing, and do it well. The “remolacha” has cubes of garnet and golden beets nestled over a walnut cream, topped with jewel-like pomegranate seeds and toasted walnuts, served with spears of pale endive. Scoop some into an endive spear; crunch; repeat. I liked how the combination of walnut and pomegranate echoed the traditional toppings for that chiles en nogada dish ingrained in my memory so many years ago.”


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