Nothing but the Best, Sexy French Fare with a Michelin Pedigree

“Names have power.”

“A man is nothing without his name.”

So they say. And so, if you’re coming to the table with “best” as part of it, well, there’s only one way to do it…

Guns blazing.


Feast your eyes on Nothing but the Best, a… boldly named French gem brimming with fresh tartares and champagne-splashed cocktails, now open on Coral Way.


So, congratulations are in order. Seems that first date of yours got some solid reviews. Thing is, now you need to figure out how to follow it up.


This should do: a polished space where abstract sculptures hang on the wall and candles flicker on the tables. Also: a menu created by a chef who cut his teeth at a couple of Michelin-starred joints back in France. And you know who likes Michelin-caliber food… everyone.


So make a reservation for two. If the humidity’s playing nice, go for an umbrella-covered table on the outdoor patio. Fresh air really brings out the Michelin-ness in stuff like tuna tartare and croquettes de risotto polenta.


For dessert, go the liquid route and head to the swanky lounge inside. That’s where you’ll cap off the night with a champagne cocktail or two.


A toast to your tartare wouldn’t be entirely out of place.

Source : Urban Daddy