Night with Non Profits at Hoxton

Miami’s cultural renaissance could not be more apparent than when members of the local community come together to support a great cause. Or in this case, thirteen causes. President of The Young Associates of Coral Gables Museum Cristina Mas and Patrick Jeary hosted a Night with Non-Profits; a large-scale philanthropic networking event to raise support for thirteen local non-profit organizations.

The inaugural event raised support for The Young Associates of Coral Gables Museum, Ponce Society of Young Professionals, Monica Bruguera Foundation, Miami Beach Rotary Club, Fairchild Palms, Save Our Sisters, Voices for Children, Radio Lollipop, The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Miami Science Museum, Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society and Mas Family Scholarships. 

The night  raised over $5,000 for 13 different non profits.

Attendance 650 people