Nick Young finally gets a fashion spread

In his three years in the NBA, Nick Young’s only distinguishing characteristics have been his predilection for Nike Air Pennys, a propensity to shoot every time he touches the ball and the widely held belief that he needs to be in a dunk contest. And while those are certainly admirable qualities, if Nick Young had his way, he’d be showing off way more.

Mostly, he wants to teach everyone how to dress. From Edge Magazine:

The LA native who calls himself “the best dressed man in the NBA” is now ready to step out and be the face of basketball style. “I haven’t really gotten the chance to get out there like that but once people see me and really get into my style…I see people start to emulate it”, a charming Young says through a grin. […]

“They don’t really have style (in the league), I tell all the young boys coming up to get slimmer, lose the baggy clothes and all that stuff. There’s really nothing that can be done for the vets, they’re too stuck in their ways now”, says Nick.

Step your fashion game up, dudes. Nick Young, the guy with 1982 Michael Jackson hair, thinks you look silly. He just wants you to look good, and he’s got some tips for you. Tighten your clothes up, which is what every fashion-forward athlete says any time they talk about clothes. It’s pretty easy, really. Just wear less of what you have on.

If that doesn’t make sense, perhaps it’s easiest to examine Young’s photo shoot for some ideas. As you can see in the top picture, Nick Young is all about having fun with clothes. A leopard print and stripes tanktop paired with some sober denim and bright orange shoes tells you everything you need to know. Anything goes, you guys. Just mix and match patterns and pieces you should be wearing during different times of the year until you figure out something that accidentally goes together. It’s that easy.

Hit the jump for some more fashion tips because Nick’s been waiting for a moment like this, Kelly Clarkson style.

Hey, business tatts! Always fun to see that.

But really, I think this is more of a look for the ladies. As Young says, “I like to see women keep it simple. Jean cutoff shorts and a tank top, that’s more than enough.” Ha. “More than enough” roughly translates to, “Women wear too many clothes.” Ergo, Nick Young shirtless is his way of saying that females could drop stand to lose a few layers here and there. At least that’s what I think he’s saying. I’m not an art major. Nick Young’s last look is a tribute to either “The Big Lebowski” or Street Etiquette. Or maybe it’s a hybrid or both, with an ironically non-hybrid car serving as an accessory. Either way, Nick is showing you that it’s possible to dress for the season while also dressing for all the other seasons at the same time. The capris and sockless Chuck Taylors say summer, while his chambray shirt and printed knit sweater are all about the fall. Again, just throw some stuff on, and when it looks cool, then you’re good to go.

There you have it, an introductory course in how to dress well from the self-proclaimed “best dressed man in the NBA.” If you can’t learn something from these pictures, you might as well stop now. If you really get in to his style and want to emulate it, check back this fall for Nick’s second course, “FASH204: Activating Your Swag.”

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