Ms. Cheezious opens at MIMO

Ms. Cheezious co-founders Brian and Fatima Mullins and M. Christian Dickens rolled the first Ms. Cheezious food truck on to the streets of Miami in December, 2010. And with it, they took Miami by storm with everyone’s favorite comfort food; grilled cheese sandwiches – only not quite as innocent as mom used to make! Since Ms. Cheezious launch, the brand has become one of Miami’s most popular food truck destinations, earning a great number of rave reviews, including South Beach Wine and Food Festival’s People’s Choice award for Best Food Truck two years in a row. Eager clientele seek out Ms. Cheezious to experience its accessible menu and its attractive concept and design. The cheese keeps melting and the Ms. Cheezious brand now includes two food trucks and a brick and new mortar location in the historic MIMO district of Miami. Here is more information about Ms. Cheezious :


According to Urban Daddy :

“It’s true. The Ms. Cheezious crew has a little corner of this town to call their very own. And it looks like an old-timey schoolhouse—wooden walls made from a 100-year-old barn in Texas, metal school chairs and a patio with an organic garden growing collard greens and kale. They just don’t make old-timey schoolhouses like they used to. Anyway, lunch. Dinner. Both viable options. You can opt for one of their classics—the crabby cheese melt or the croqueta monsieur—but now they’ve also got a patty melt with house-cured bacon and chorizo-pimento cheese. And the beer you’ll be drinking with it: mostly local. But save a few sips to accompany that fried apple pie on the menu.”


According to New Times :

“Five years after the first truck hit the streets (Ms. Cheezious was first spotted during Art Basel 2010), the original idea still stands: to make the classic favorite fun, interesting, and worth chasing around town. “The line started then and hasn’t stopped,” Brian says. Of course, the good news is you’ll no longer have to follow the truck because you can get the crabby cheese melt, barbecued pork melt, blue and bacon, and croqueta-monsieur with a cold brew at the Ms. Cheezious compound. “I think our service and food have been consistent from the beginning. We expanded the menu a bit and would have expanded more but were limited in capability, so this is really going to allow us to do more stuff and simply be fully available to people when they have a craving,” Brian says. In addition to the patty melt, a handful of other menu items is already in the works. “We travel a lot and know what good food is, so when we’re coming up with things, if it doesn’t really wow us, we’re not going put it out there.” written by Carla Torres.


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