Momi Gyoza Bar opens at Brickell

Brickell found themself a new addition to their japanese gourmet. Momi Ramen crew opens the Momi Gyoza Bar at Brickell. Momi Gyoza Bar is a Japanese pub with wooden planks on the wall, Edison bulbs in glass milk bottles and white billowing curtains trying their best to contain the sound of bubbling hot pots and the clinking of celebratory beer. Here is more information about Momi Gyoza Bar :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Momi Gyoza Bar, a simple little izakaya with a knack for making gyoza and pouring cold and plentiful sake, soft-open now in Brickell. This is in the former Rosinella spot. That was nice while it lasted. But now the Momi Ramen crew has transformed the space into the city’s first gyoza bar. Come here with a group of friends who have an appreciation for dumplings and sake. Go to the counter, place your order and take your numbered torch to one of three communal tables. There’s more than enough room there to house pork belly gyoza, chicken-heart hot-pot rice and plates of wasabi-pork shumai.”


According to Yelp :

“For some reason, dumplings are popular. All the foodie and travel shows seem to be showcasing dumplings in almost every episode. In Miami, you find different types of dumplings: in Chinese wonton soup, gyozas at Japanese restaurants, and American fusion restaurants that love to fill dumplings with crispy duck or oxtail, to be exotic. But nobody really cares about dumplings, or the dumpling culture for that matter, until television brings it to your attention.

To say that you have a great place for dumplings is probably the strangest thing you can say. I’ve never heard anyone complimenting a great wonton soup, or great gyozas instead of sushi. We just don’t do dumplings. But if you love Asian cuisine, watch food shows, or attempt to cook Asian food, you will eventually run into this unknown. Where can I find some good dumplings?

And here comes Momi Gyoza.Part of Momi Ramen, this gyoza shop is pretty big. It is the most ambitious incarnation from the Momi group. Very spacious, modern, with lots of light and glass, Momi Gyoza is a cool place. And the gyozas are. The menu offers gyozas and dumplings, along with ramen, soups, and other appetizers.” written by Julio H (4 stars).


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