Miley Cyrus Loves Penis (Cake)

Miley Cyrus is proving she’s a gangster, a down-for-whatever type of Disney-princess-gone-wild.

Over the weekend, the 19-year-old daughter of country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus went down on a massive cock cake during boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s birthday party at an L.A. club.

Photos obtained by TMZ show Miley seductively posing near the cake batter balls, all but tonguing Hemsworth’s massive baked good.

Pictures of Miley teasing the camera with a finger in her mouth while sexy-dancing atop the club’s furniture show a seldom-seen side of Cyrus.

The celebrity gossip site’s sources say, “19-year-old Miley was drinking alcohol and partying all night.” But was the penis cake simply part of Miley’s sexual rebranding?
Last year, we reported that Miley’s like “every 18-year-old,” exploring sexuality by experimenting and trying new things. The teen star cited Joan Jett as an inspiration, claiming that the rock and roller had taught her a lot about being true to oneself.

Since then, Miley’s dropped hints that she’s a pothead, been photographed wearing skimpy-ass bikinis, and the latest, munching on fluffy male genitalia.
Who do y’all prefer, Hannah Montana or Penis Cake Miley?


Source:  Miami New Times