Mignonette opens today at Edgewater

There’s a new oyster joint opens at Edgewater called Mignonette. This join venture from Danny Serfer and Ryan Roman will be officially opens today at 210 NE 18th St, that’s once occupied by an old gas station. Mignonette will have a great selection of oysters, seafood, veggies and prime rib. Here is more information about Mignonette :


According to Zagat :

1. It’s set in an old gas station: While it hasn’t operated since the ’30s, knowing the cozy space (floor-to-ceiling windows, simple decor) was once a filling station adds to the cool factor.

2. Wine and beer only: There’s a solid selection including Stone Smoked Porter brew, Broken Quartz cabrenet and Oudinot champagne.

3. Welcome to seafood haven: From the rotating selection of freshly shucked oysters to the massive crispy skin snapper, they don’t skimp on the ocean grub.

4. There’s a monster prime rib: For those who prefer land to sea, this hefty baby served with crispy potato rosti will surely do (it has to — it’s the only red meat on the menu).

5. Champagne and caviar happy hour coming soon: No specific details yet, but expect an afternoon feast weekdays for one hour only.

Written by Carissa Chesanek.


According to Eater :

Mignonette, is only days from its highly anticipated debut. Brace for colossal amounts of oysters — both raw and cooked options — seafood galore, and plenty of wines and beers to accompany. Oh, and prime rib, for those who prefer things a little less fishy. The restaurant, located inside a refurbished 1930s gas station in Edgewater, and described by Serfer as simultaneously plain and fancy.” written by Ana Heretoiu.


According to Urban Daddy :

“Now, you’ve got a couple ways of going about this: the golden camel banquette up against the exposed brick wall—recommended for a third date consisting of the Double Fancy seafood tower teeming with oysters, king crab, lobster, caviar and a bottle of champagne. Or… The raw bar. It’s the stretch of Carrara marble with a giant movie marquee displaying the day’s oysters hanging above it. That’s also where you’ll decamp on Friday night with a House Aperitif (champagne, candied shallots, peppercorn) while Danny cracks open a mound of bivalves live and in person.”

According to Tasting Table :

“This old gas station-turned-New-Orleans-style-fishery is bound to become a new favorite date spot, with an impressive array of wines and bubbles to pair with the bivalve and caviar selections. We loved the “popcorn” (clams, conch, oysters and shrimp, $14) and the Maine lobster deviled eggs with smoked paprika and chives ($15). The entrée menu is divided into “Plain” or “Fancy;” the monkfish ($22) dressed with smoked trout roe and lobster sauce on a bed of broccolini is definitely the latter. “


Stay tuned for more information at Miami City Social.