Michael’s Genuine reopens after renovation

Michael’s Genuine reopens after doing some renovations for two weeks. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink first opened in the Miami Design District in spring of 2007, diners have come to embrace and crave its refreshing combination of laid-back atmosphere and seriously good food, a neighborhood bistro that is the ultimate showcase for the type of cuisine that chef/owner Michael Schwartz does best – homemade, unpretentious, delectable, with an emphasis on great local ingredients. 

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According to Eater :

“The in-between lunch and dinner period during which MGFD would previously serve only snacks now consists of ‘Afternoon’ service, an extra one-and-a-half hour of things like a la carte options from the new raw bar menu, wood oven pizzas and more. As for those new raw bar options, they consist of a rotating selection of two east coast and two west coast oysters; middleneck clams on the 1⁄2 shell; traditional shellfish platters; classic shrimp cocktail with house cocktail sauce; chilled 1⁄2 Maine lobster; stone crabs with mustard sauce; and one crudo, tartare and ceviche with setups that will change daily. And the private dining area removed, MGFD now seats an addition 11 guests in the “Bar Room,” with four tables each seating four on the north wall and an additional 4 window seats overlooking the restaurant’s courtyard.” written by Ana Heretoiu.

According to Miami.com :

“An expanded bar area has allowed for the addition of a MGFD raw bar, featuring a rotating selection of East and West Coast oysters at $3 each, middleneck clams ($2), daily-changing crudo, tartare and ceviche choices, plus shrimp cocktail and chilled lobster as well as shellfish platters with all the fixings at $65 and $130. The raw bar menu is available during all service periods: lunch, afternoon, dinner and Sunday brunch.

Schwartz has 86’d the restaurant’s post-lunch, pre-Happy Hour/dinner closed period, opening the doors for a new ‘Afternoon’ service. Noshers can drop in from 3 to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday for raw-bar options as well as a concise menu of Schwartz favorites, like fresh stracciatella with Florida heirloom tomatoes; honeycrisp apple salad with pumpkin seeds and goat cheese; sweet and spicy pork belly with kimchee and peanuts; and rotating wood-fired pizzas. About 10 snack options ($6-$8) carry over from the previous Happy Hour menu, including addicting chili-lime hominy, crispy pig ears and bite-size falafel with tahini. Executive pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith provides her popular milk chocolate cremoso as an afternoon dessert option, along with daily ice creams and sorbets with shortbread cookies ($10).” written by Evan S. Benn.

According to Urban Daddy :

“Then: A cozy (read: small) 11-seat bar with a private dining room in the back.
Now: An expanded bar area (RIP, private dining), bringing the total number of seats there to 25. Oh, and they’ve added gold-coin mosaics of queen snapper and yellowedge grouper. You’ll see.

Then: No raw bar.
Now: A mahogany counter with a fairly large sign that says “Oysters” overhead. You know, just in case you missed the Kumamotos and Hama Hamas on ice.


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