Miami, Tampa and St. Petersburg Among the Top 10 Saddest Cities in America

Calling Florida the “Sunshine State” might seem like a cruel joke after having almost all its major cities ranked by Men’s Health magazine as some of the saddest cities in America.

It’s one thing to have a city as part of this dreaded list, but to include Miami, Tampa, St. Pete and Jacksonville … well, that just makes us sad, frankly.

St. Petersburg topped the list of 100 American cities ranked according to suicide and unemployment rates, antidepressant intake and reports of people who are feeling the blues. Tampa was a close fourth, followed by Miami in eighth place, and Jacksonville clocking in at 13th place.

All Florida cities in the list received a grade of “F” with the exception of Orlando, which received a “D-“, coming in 19th place.

Florida certainly has its fair share of depressing stuff, from an abundance of sinkholes, to unemployment well above the national average at 10.3 percent, to the inherently sad communities full of retirees waiting patiently for Father Death.

Honolulu came in last on the list, which means it’s the happiest place to live in America, the only city on the list to receive a “A+”.

Keep your chin up Florida, at least you have Disney World.

Here’s the magazine’s top ten sad-sack metropolises:

1. St. Petersburg
2. Detroit
3. Memphis
4. Tampa
5. Louisville
6. St. Louis
7. Birmingham
8. Miami
9. Reno
10. Las Vegas


Source: Miami New Times