Miami Supercar Rooms opens at Wynwood

Elo initially made his claim to fame on the runway as an international model in his early twenties, as the first black face for designers including Armani and Oswald Botang. With fashion as his passion at a young age, he tried his hand at creating his own line of clothing in order to command complete creative control over his style and look. Even his own fashion shows would feature classic cars worth millions that he would borrow from various dealers. In 2015, Elo decided to bring his creative expertise to South Florida and a city that would appreciate his talents. Plans were built to design an Auto Art Gallery and Gourmet Dining Experience in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Arts and Entertainment District for a Winter 2015–2016 opening. This would form the start of Elo’s trans-Atlantic success story. The place now open and called Miami Supercar Rooms. Here is more information about Miami Supercar Rooms:


According to Eater :

“Have you ever wanted to dine beside’s a vintage Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz? Well, now you’ll have the chance at Miami Supercar Rooms in Wynwood. The luxury auto collection has introduced a new series where every Friday through Sunday it will offer a five-course dining experience complete with unlimited booze for car-loving guests. While the dinner won’t come cheap — ringing in at $3,000 for a group of six — you’ll get your own private “pod” for the night complete with a swanky vintage car and a meal created by its restaurant in residence that month. Kicking off the series this month GK Bistronomie, who’s executive chef will create a special menu for the table. Guests are encouraged to eat and drink as much as they’d like since the pod is theirs for the evening. If the $3,000 price tag is too steep for your blood, skip dinner and grab a seat at the bar for the night, which features a rotating line up musical acts and DJs performing in a 1971 Chevrolet C30 pickup truck that has been custom-built into a 40-foot bar.” written by Olee Fowler.

According to Thrillist :

“Welcome to Miami Supercar Rooms, the brainchild of Elo, owner, and founder of the London Motor Museum. A consummate car guy, Elo dreamed of a restaurant where he could drive one of his collectible cars right inside and eat without having to worry about a valet moving his seat or a hoodlum trying to steal his collection of Winger tapes. And while vacationing from London a few years ago, he found Wynwood and thought it the perfect place to make his dream a reality. There is no menu, rather a monthly rotation of visiting chefs from around Miami, crafting custom menus for you and your group. He’ll greet you and talk about what’s on the menu for the evening, before you’re joined by the pod’s attendant who’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your four-wheeled dinner guest, like the 1996 Dodge Viper these fine people are dining with.”

According to Urban Daddy :

“It’s a car art gallery by day. In a generously sized lot in Wynwood, that’s been stocked with some pretty sexy rides. A 1929 Rolls-Royce Bootch. A Ferrari motorcycle. A 1953 Lamborghini… tractor. See? Sexy. You’ll want to sit a spell.Meet Elo. He’s the guy behind this place. He also founded the London Motor Museum. And he knows the histories of every vehicle, some of which involve sibling rivalries and kidnapping. Cars are pretty serious. Dinner will be served in “pods.”
Which are basically these outdoor aluminum rooms containing tables for six and vehicles from Elo’s collection, and every month you’ll find a different local chef lending their skills to your plate.”

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