Miami Smokers opens Monday at Little Havana

Miami Smokers is opening this Monday at Little Havana. Miami Smokers is a Smokehouse on a mission to bring timeless curing and smoking techniques and heritage breed pork to Miami consumers one slice of bacon at a time. They believe in the art of doing things the right way, NO shortcuts or cut corners. They strive to use the very best, most sustainable and locally available products. Like pigs raised with no antibiotics or hormones, allowed to graze in pastures, fed a wholesome, all vegetarian, grain based diet; or natural evaporated cane sugar from Central Florida and their very own harvested, Miami coast, sea salt. Their curing and smoking methods also honor time tested techniques that solely rely on salt, smoke, and temperature/humidity control, NEVER using nitrites. What this all equates to are products that are not only DELICIOUS, but also produced responsibly,consciously, and with great deal attention. Here is more information about Miami Smokers :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Meet Andres and James. They’re the duo behind this operation. Yep, just two locals with a hankering for a properly smoked slab of pig. You get it. Previously, you could only sample their wares at a handful of spots around town. But now, they’ve gone and created their own shop with wood-paneled walls, barrels for aging ale and vinegar, and a beer-bottle chandelier hanging overhead. It’s a good look. Now, along with curing slabs of bacon, they’re instituting the city’s first dry-aged pork program. Loins, chops… all waiting for you to take home. But you’ll also find salami, prosciutto, fresh sausage and, yes, their infamous candied bacon and bacon-studded Rice Krispies Treats. Oh, and good news: they’re working on transitioning from a deli to a full-fledged sandwich shop.”


According to :

“Packaged goods ($4-$6) of Candied Bacon; Bacon Jerky; and Toasted Krispy Treats will be available as will Smokers’ signature BLT sandwiches ($12) – steak cut bacon, avocado puree, and house grown lettuce and heirloom tomato on sour dough bread; and Chef Allen’s Urban Pickles. Barrientos and Bowers will also be found counter-side slicing bacon for folks to take home and cook. Eventually filling the deli cases: housemade charcuterie and cured and smoked meats, including fresh sausages (within a couple weeks), salamis (over the next two months), and larger meats such as hams (in the next six months). Fresh cuts of top-quality Heritage pork and selections from the only dry-aged pork program in the city will be available. Plans for breakfast and lunch service at the sandwich spot are also in the work and will offer delivery to the Little Havana and Brickell areas.” written by Lesley Abravanel.


According to New Times :

“What will be available Monday are fresh sausages and the trademark candied bacon, as well as bacon jerky and toasted crispy treats. The eventual plan is to expand from just a deli selling charcuterie to a deli & sandwich shop. As a tease, you can have the BLT sandwich ($12) with steak cut bacon, avocado puree and lettuce and heirloom tomatoes on Zak sourdough. The lettuce and tomatoes come from their in-house towering garden aeroponic system. You can’t miss this when walking in. Don’t be misled by the somewhat compact size. These babies hold a total of 72 tomato plants, as well as swiss chard, cilantro, basil and wild arugula, which will eventually make for more sandwiches. Think croque madame, pork churrasco sandwiches and weekly grinders served on potato rolls with mustard, pickled onions, pepper relish, mango barbecue sauce, and kraut. A dry-aged pork program will be the first of its kind in the city. Similar to what Prime 112, Red, the Fontainebleau, and other steakhouses do with their meat, the pork will eventually be offered as chops, loins and ribs to take home and cook or as part of the daily specials. No tables at Miami Smokers make it difficult to sit down and have a meal, but its location on 27th Avenue makes it the perfect curbside for all your pork needs, including a future breakfast in the works.” written by Carla Torres.


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