Miami Open 2019-Are you in the 72 Club Seats?

As of 2019, the Miami Open’s new home will be the iconic Hard Rock Stadium! Where are you sitting
The Miami Open presented by Itaú is one of the premier annual tennis events. Held March 18th through the 31st, the event features the best players from around the world.

The new set up at The Hard Rock is essentially a stadium within a larger stadium, and while the new arena will offer an unforgettable experience, there are actually 100 seats less than before. For the ultimate event viewing experience, you’ll want to reserve your seat at the exclusive 72 Club. The luxury experience of the 72 Club offers:

  • Premium parking
  • Premium all-inclusive food and beverage including beer, wine, and access to the rooftop restaurant
  • 11 inches more legroom and 8 inches wider seats
  • The only area with covered seating
  • Private four-person box options, located along center court
  • Ability to watch replays and highlights on your own private screens

This is definitely an event you won’t want to miss!
Purchase tickets at Miami Open and stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.