Miami Marlins May Get Their Own Reality TV Show on Showtime

Given the amount of, shall we say, “strong personalities” that have so far been signed by the Miami Marlins for next season, we almost have to wonder if Jeffrey Loria has been assembling the cast of a guilty pleasure reality TV show or a playoff-caliber team. Turns out he might have been doing both. NBC Sports reports that Showtime and the Marlins are close to a deal that would see the Marlins star in a second season of the channel’s The Franchise.

The first season of The Franchise starred the San Francisco Giants, and basically served as Showtime’s Baseball answer to HBO’s Hard Knocks, and now the show is about to switch teams.

Of course, the new look Marlins seem perfect for reality TV. Look at the elements we’re working with:

Ozzie Guillen, who may rival an entire cast of a Real Housewives franchise for most times he’s said something overly heated and ridiculous without thinking.
The simmering tension between former top dog Hanley Ramirez and his shortstop replacement Jose Reyes.
Logan Morrison and his never boring Twitter.
Known diva Carlos Zambrano.
Mark Buerhle’s pit bull saga.
Juan Carlos Oviedo and his mysterious past as the man formally known as Leo Nuñez.
The shady businessman who controls it all, Jeffrey Loria.
And, of course, a newly out-and-proud Billy the Marlin who now makes no apologies for who he is.

Sounds like more intrigue than an entire night of Bravo.


Source:  Miami New Times