Miami Hurricanes Football Scandal Leaves Holes in Al Golden’s Sails

When ex-Temple coach Al Golden took the Miami job earlier this year, it was supposed to be smooth sailing.

He had the players, a great coaching staff and an entire city behind him.

Not only did he inherit some hopeful All-Americans, but he went out and recruited some amazing talent in his first class. His strict demeanor and smooth speaking swayed players from all over the country, even landing a Texas quarterback.

Instantly, there were talks down in Coral Gables about swagger. Not the fake swagger that we have gotten from Randy Shannon’s team, but real, legitimate swagger.

The city was buzzing, and it wasn’t about LeBron James and the Miami Heat; it was about the Miami Hurricanes.

The players, the students and the alumni had high hopes once again, even bringing in some of the 2001 National Championship team during halftime of the spring game.

This is what Miami had been missing for the last 10 years.

Golden’s boat was filled with talent, and he was ready to make Miami relevant again.

Then his sails were shot up, not by an opponent, but by a booster and the NCAA.

The allegations by ex-booster Nevin Shapiro sent this season, as well as future seasons, into limbo.

So far, there are up to 13 current players that have been suspended for their first game against the Maryland Terrapins. According to reports, starting quarterback Jacory Harris is one of those suspended.

Ray Ray Armstrong and Sean Spence, the loss of whom would hurt the most, have also been reported as two of the players suspended.

Golden has not released the names of those suspended players yet, but just as everyone figured, they have submitted paperwork for possible reinstatement before the first game.

The possibility of losing those players for more than just a game really puts Golden in a bind.

He now has to create a depth chart using second- and third-stringers leaving gaping holes, especially on defense, and he only has a few days to complete it.

The ACC requires all teams to provide them with a depth chart by the Tuesday before their game.

Golden also has to realize that the player suspensions for this year will not be the only problem he will be facing from the NCAA.

I personally see a loss of scholarships, a bowl game ban and the possibility of a loss of national television exposure for the next few years.

All of that is really bad for Golden, considering he never knew any of this when he came on board.

He saw a huge opportunity to coach for a major school, but all he inherited was a major problem.

Now, instead of smooth sailing, he has rough waters ahead, and this is only the beginning.

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