Miami Herald film on Haiti earthquake, ‘Nou Bouke,’ nominated for regional Emmy

Nou Bouke, a documentary that captured the mood of Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010, has been nominated for a regional Emmy award in the documentary-topical category.

The film was a project of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald in association with WPBT2, South Florida’s local PBS station.

“The earthquake represents a catastrophic chapter in Haiti’s history,” said Nancy San Martin, the film’s executive producer and The Herald’s interactive editor. “We hope the documentary will help continue to keep the focus on the needs of that nation and its people.”

Joe Cardona directed Nou Bouke (We’re Tired), which was narrated by Haitian author Edwidge Danticat and aired nationally on PBS. Jacqueline Charles, the Herald’s Haiti correspondent, was associate producer and El Nuevo Herald’s Jose Iglesias was director of photography. Cardona, an independent Miami filmmaker, also was nominated for two other films: Albita: Toda Una Vida, Cuban Masterworks, a documentary on Cuban singer Albita and Ecos de Giron, based on the failed Bay of Pigs invasion.

“The earthquake was an important piece of history to document for Haiti as well as South Florida’s Haitian community,” said Cardona. “I am honored to have been able to work on the piece.”

Source : The Miami Herald