“Meet the Neighbors” Wind By Neo created by Miami city social June-29th

The ‘Meet Your Neighbors’ event at the Wind by Neo, which was held on June 29th , was an incredible success, hosting over 300 people despite the local U2 concert.

Guests entered to a red carpet treatment, with an entire crew of photographers waiting to take pictures of the line of beautiful women. Everybody has a great deal of fun, mingling from one room to the next with all kinds of distractions.

The girls were occupied with the eyelashes and curls from Rik Rak, which was served up with Ceviche and Pisco Sours fom Inka . In the ball room was Control from Wynwood, who were applying their latest hair feather lock hair extensions to the slew of surrounding women, while being serenaded by the talented Jay Blues Band.

Downstairs, there were hookahs and cigars presented by the Village Humidor , which were toasted to by whiskey and beer provided by Presidente, and nicely accompanied by empanadas from Novecento .

And as if that wasn’t enough, just to ensure that all taste buds were being catered to, local favorites such as Tabu , Puntino, Tutto Pasta, and New York Bagel Deli provided the appetizers, the main course, and the dessert.

MiamiCitySocial provided hundreds of vouchers to local vendors that included: free manicures, free eyebrow sculptures, a free meal for two, free cigars, and a weeks worth of free yoga.

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Wind by Neo “meet the Neighbors”