Meet the Neighbors at Neo Vertika

The ‘Meet Your Neighbors’ event at the Neo Vertika, which was held on November 10th , was an incredible success, hosting over 740 people.

This eclectic event which included  38 vendors which meant there was something for everyone..

Girls were all lining up for makeovers and Macy’s gift bags …

The event was rated  10 of 10 on comment cards with 92 % also commenting they wanted the same event and card system in their building.

All attendees were given a Miami City Social card and a map on where to use it ..

Guests entered to a red carpet treatment, with an entire crew of photographers waiting to take pictures of the line of beautiful women.

Everybody has a great deal of fun, mingling from one room to the next with all kinds of distractions.

Attended by 790 people