Meet the Girls of Aphrodisiac Ice Cream, Miami’s Sexiest Food Truck UPDATE

We’re kicking ourselves for not thinking of this first: an ice-cream truck filled with hot chicks. Yes, it sounds like the makings of one of those coming-of-age movies starring models and pubescent boys, but this is real. And it’s here in Miami, complete with stripper poles and girls in your choice of flavor, blond or brunet.

Aphrodisiac Ice Cream is certainly the sexiest addition to the food truck scene.

The truck is the creation of photographer Justin Price and model Jacqueline Suzanne, who got drunk one night and decided to open an ice-cream parlor. Once sober, they changed their idea to a sexy ice-cream truck, and the rest is history.

Aphrodisiac sells ice cream in flavors such as Chocolate 3Sum and Aphrodisiac Orgy, but the question’s gotta be: How do they keep the ice cream from melting when there are so many hot women around?

Guess you’re gonna have to see for yourself next week at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood when the girls will be serving ice cream. In the meantime, here’s a sweet little video to give you a taste. (Office alert: The girls are wearing only paint and smiles.) Two scoops, anyone?


Source: Miami New Times