Meat Market to Open Brickell Location … or Not

Meat Market on Lincoln Road is set to expand to the mainland with a restaurant at the newly announced BrickellHouse … or is it?

Short Order received a press release from BrickellHouse’s representatives stating, “Among the earliest retail tenants is Meat Market Steakhouse, which will debut its first mainland Miami location at BrickellHouse following its successful flagship restaurant along Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.”

A representative for Meat Market, however, said there there is no done deal. Meat Market co-owners David Tornek and chef Sean Brasel are currently “in talks” with BrickellHouse, as well as looking at other places in Miami for a possible expansion to the mainland.

BrickellHouse is a 46-story luxury residential tower set to break ground in mid-2012, with completion expected in 2014. The street level will house several retail establishments and restaurants, one of which may or may not be Meat Market.

What did we learn from this back and forth? 1) Don’t take every press release you get in your inbox at face value; and 2) Meat Market’s Tornek and Brasel have put feelers out for a second restaurant, and that’s something to chew on.


Source: Miami New Times