McLaren 570GT ‘MSO Black Collection’ Unveiled

Known for its take on limited edition sports cars McLaren has released its latest collection the “MSO Black Collection”, one well suited for Batman considering it’s jet black exterior and interior.

Only with 100 models made the collection features an optional Sports Pack handling package including an MSO Defined titanium exhaust, power steering column, upgraded back-up camera, axle lift system, and multiple other features. The standard touring-focused GT  has a blacked out aesthetic in which even the brake calipers are coated in jet black paint, carbon black paint on the bumper, side skirts and air intake to make the supercar one of a kind. 

The inside of the McLaren is fitted with a dark theme including black leather, carbon black accents on the centre console, and heated seats with MSO branding on the headrests and steering wheel. These limited luxury cars are priced at $251,000 starting point, allowing for the owner to feel the limited edition feel and have a car set apart from any others. 

There is also a ‘Dedication Plate’ under the centre console to remind owners they’re in an MSO supercar. Any owner of the McLaren 570GT will be sure to demonstrate elegance, power, and authority riding in such a priceless vehicle. The recently unveiled supercar is predicted to sell out almost instantly due to its truly luxurious nature. Dying to have the newly unveiled McLaren? Make sure to test drive one of the 100 vehicles made now!