Little Bread Cuban Sandwich will be open at Little Havana

Meet Little Bread. A unique one of a kind concept created by PLP Hospitality. They are the first Cuban Sandwich Co. to soley focus on the Cuban Sandwich culture. The Cuban Sandwich, Elena Ruz, Media Noche and many more delicious sandwiches will all call Little Bread home. Their focus is making the best possible sandwich by procurring and producing the best products possible. They will be opening at Little Havana on next tuesday. Here is more information about Little Bread :


According to ChatChow :

“The casual concept will offer an extensive menu with unique twists on 15 different sandwiches such as the Media Noche Club (porchetta di tesa, el Rey de jamon, ementhal cheese, mustard, pickles, buttery roll), Smoked Turkey Tonnato (local avocado, sprouts, tomato, ricotta salata, tonnato sauce) and the Cauliflower Philly Cheese (cauliflower, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, tofu cheese-wiz, bagna cauda). Five small daily dishes will be available, all taking advantage of the restaurant’s smoker such as Sous Vide Pork Belly with bean stew and Smoked Pastrami with a horseradish spread. If you’re in the mood for smaller bites, eight small plates round out the menu like the Chorizo Sliders and Media Noche Croquettes.” written by Olee Fowler.


According to TastingTable :

“The feel is traditional cafeteria accented with Americana: brick walls decorated with antique ornaments and vintage photographs that pay homage to Cabrera’s Cuban heritage, as well as repurposed dangling lightbulbs and the white subway tiles that give Bread + Butter its modern-chic gastropub feel. But unlike the popular eatery, this is strictly an artisanal sandwich business, and the first of its kind in town. What will make these bread-enclosed creations special are the quality ingredients made in-house, including the charcuterie and an array of meats smoked to perfection.”


According to NewTimes :

“Cabrera then made the decision to locate the restaurant in Little Havana after William Fuller and Martin Pinella of the Barlington Group showed him the space. ‘These guys are behind the whole resurgence of Little Havana. We had been talking for three or four years, but this was a natural fit and the space is the perfect space for this concept.’ Even though the name of Cabrera’s latest project touts the Cuban, there are plenty of other options on the menu. ‘Being Cuban, I wanted to focus on these classic sandwiches, but obviously, I’m American, as well. I want to include a muffaletta, and a reuben. We’ll also have some good specials.’ The chef will put his own touches on each sandwich. For instance, the Cuban will be made with a pork belly rillette, country ham, gourmet cheese, and house-made pickle; the medianoche will be presented on a brioche bun; and the reuben will be made with pastrami, roasted pork, and truffled thousand island dressing. But, Cabrera stresses, the roots of the sandwich will still be there. ‘You can’t make a reuben with chicken pastrami. If you do, it’s not a reuben. It’s a chicken sandwich!'” written by Laine Doss.


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