Lingerie Designer Myriam Girard

And so another week begins and what better way to kick it off than with one of our beautiful Girl of the Day pieces. Those of you that enjoy reading out Girl of the Day section on a regular basis will know that we tend to give you some of the most beautiful women from around the world, with most of them being stunning models. You will also be aware that from time to time we like to mix things up a bit and that is exactly what we have chosen to do today.



Rather than bringing you one of the gorgeous models from around the world, today we have decided to bring you a woman who makes their jobs possibly. Myriam Girard is a French lingerie model, who has been in the fashion designer industry for many years now, relocating herself to the UK over a decade ago.




While Myriam Girard has always been a huge fan of lingerie and has always had a keen eye for designing lingerie, she has not always been in the lingerie business. In the past, Myriam Girard has had jobs in finance, as well as delving into the nightlife market. However, her love for lingerie and her annoyance at the lack of quality high-end lingerie pushed Myriam Girard into going into lingerie designing.
In terms of the lingerie designing industry, Myriam Girard and her brand are still relatively young, having launched their first collection back in 2010 and celebrating their fourth birthday just a few months back. The brand is continuing to grow and Myriam Girard is becoming a big name in the lingerie industry.


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