Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company opens at Miami

The vision of Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. starts and ends with the local community. In 2014, a group of local craft beer heads endeavored to bring more locally brewed craft beer to the woefully underserved neighborhoods across Miami. They actually first sought to open a craft beer bar that would only serve locally brewed craft beer. But they continued to develop more interesting and delicious home brews, and suddenly started winning multiple brewing competitions and awards. Finally they looked around and noticed that although there are some great craft beer breweries already serving up delicious creations in Miami…there simply aren’t enough of them. And none of them are located very close to central Dade County. So now opens Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. at 7360 SW 41st St. Here is more information about them :


According to Urban Daddy :

“The vibe: Real warm-and-fuzzy-like, with barrel tables, cushy couches, potted plants and a bar with thousands of pennies that’ve been glued on top of it. The pedigree: The head brewer trained with Tom Hennessy of Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery. Number of beers made on-site: About 12. Including Duckie’s Dream (a witbier) and Witch King (an imperial stout). But you’ll have to wait about a week to get your hands on them. Licensing and whatnot. Number of beers on tap: 15. Five of which will be their in-house brews. The rest are dedicated to local guys like J. Wakefield and the Tank. The food situation: Bar snacks like pickled vegetables and truffle cheddar popcorn. Plus the occasional drop-in from a food truck or a neighborhood spot like Tacos & Tattoos. The unexpected beer: A brown ale aged in a whiskey barrel. Pairs nicely with their upcoming weekly karaoke nights.”


According to Yelp :

“Having visited for the first time yesterday I can honestly say they’re on the right track.  I have been to many breweries in Florida especially the St Pete, Ybor city area and I truly feel they’re trying emulate some of them.  From the start when you walk in it has a really good feel to the place and having met a couple of the proprietors I can tell this place will have many good things coming their way. They should have their distribution license soon probably before July and I can’t wait to sample some of their suds.  Come by and check them out. You won’t be disappointed.” written by Gonzo (rated 5 stars)


“Get away from the chains and cookie cutters … This brewery is unique and John the brewmaster is passionate about beer and sharing his craft with his patrons!! GREAT barrel aged brews … Very cool industrial decor with an artistic and creative flare, but skipping the ‘plastic’ environment of the norm… Be sure to count the pennies on the bar , and find the Bahamian one !!” written by Marina (rated 5 stars)


“Sweaty runners are welcome! This promises to be another cool brewery and really chancing it with the location although it’s nice to have one west of the Gable’s.  Wynwood can use a little competition. At the moment they aren’t serving their own beer but in the begging of July word has it they will.  Cool ambiance. There is a lobby area, a back out door seating area with corn hole game and an upper deck to sit at inside the building which has high ceilings. I like the variety of seating choices. Reminds me of a cool warehouse district home. Cool art! Great place for a live music. Mr PBJ Food Truck was parked outside as there is no kitchen. Nicole and I shared a PBJ burger, which was unique and tasty, with truffle parm fries, which were ordinary.  We also had a couple of beers. I’ll be back!” written by Frederick (rated 4 stars)


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