Limited-Run Jeans in Wynwood

We didn’t want to have to tell you this, but…

Your jeans. We saw them… on somebody else.

Before you’re the subject of some “who wore it best” panel discussion, let’s make sure that never ever happens again…

Meet 1ofK, a lofty Wynwood warehouse importing limited-edition quantities of Italian-made jeans, now open.


How this works: Let’s head over to Italy for a second. Because that’s where these jeans are made before being shipped off to this artsy loft. Now, they only produce 1,000 pairs of each jean. Once they’ve sold out, that’s it. Finito. So chances are, you’ll be the only one wearing these pants around the office. You: 1. Coworkers: 0.


When you’ll wear these: You’ve got a couple denim options here. There’s the five-pocket, stone-washed Pipe jean with strategically placed tears on the legs. Wear them while working on the car or manning the grill on Sunday. But there’s also the gray sand-washed Motos. These are for casually evading the paparazzi on a Triumph Bonneville. Or, you know, a fourth date.

When you won’t wear these: Black-tie affairs. Dinner at the St. Regis with the in-laws. When ordering bottles of champagne at LIV.

Also, while on the elliptical.



Source : Urban Daddy

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