Lilikoi Organic Living opens at South Beach

Lilikoi Organic Living offers an impressive array of vegan choices for breakfast, lunch and early dinner. Just a few of the vegan dishes include: acai bowl, banana bread, papaya, veggie sandwich, vegan burger, falafel wrap, quinoa and hummus wrap, kale caesar (and other salads), Asian style rice noodle pasta and nacho platter, as well as the featured soup of the day. They use fresh, local and organic ingredients and committed to prepare your meals with the freshest ingredients and strive to provide food that supports a healthier lifestyle. Lilikoi Organic Living opens at 500 S Pointe Dr. Here is more information about Lilikoi :


According to New Times :

“They’ve kept true to their back-to-basics lifestyle by sourcing from local farmers as much as possible and changing the menu according to the produce they find. “We have a lot of fun talking to different farmers and seeing what they’ve got to offer,” Tina says of the menu. “We just switched to gobo, which is burdock root. Instead of doing potato chips, we flash-fry them in coconut oil.” Most dishes cost less than $20. Their clientele has been as curious and trusting with Torterola’s food as he’s been fun and inventive with it. They’ve even cultivated some fruitful relationships with their regulars. “Gary, one of our first customers, turned out to be the owner over at Little Haiti Community Garden! Now we get our papaya and curly kale from there.” Nothing is overlooked — even the waste from the juicer and kitchen leftovers is turned into compost and picked up by Fertile Earth three times a week.” written by Paula Echevarria.


According to Herald :

“Lilikoi Organic Living offers a menu using mostly organic ingredients with a focus on clean eating, so there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options and hormone-free meats. Nutritional yeast is used in place of salt, and frying is done in coconut oil. The space near South Pointe Park has a tropical vibe with a black-and-white mural of plants, wood tables and a pressed tin ceiling painted white. Wicker chairs and a couch are at distressed wooden tables in the covered patio. There are juices, smoothies, sandwiches, salads and mains like green farro risotto made with an ancient wheat grain, green beans, pesto and a dollop of goat cheese; shrimp skewers with chile sauce; and gluten-free pizza made with rice flour.” written by Linda Bladholm.


According to Yelp :

“Ordered delivery and it came quickly and warm/hot. Just turned vegan a month ago so I was skeptical about trying a vegan “burger” but it was deliciously amazing! The bun and patty fell apart after a few bites but who cares, tasted great in my mouth. Didn’t even need additional sauces for it, I usually put ketchup and mustard on my beef burgers. Got it with a side of potatoes that was great too. Bf, who is gluten free, ordered the Asian style noodles with buckwheat noodles. It was good, not great. Very gingery. Needed more sauce but could have dried out because we got delivery. The flavors and mushrooms were very good though.” written by Eunice (rated 5 stars)


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