Library closings in Miami-Dade could affect 250 jobs

Part of the human story of the threatened library closures in Miami-Dade County includes the loss of about 250 jobs, a heartening reality for an economy still struggling to generate them.

Miami-Dade County Carlos Gimenez’s 2013-1014 budget calls for the closure of 22 libraries, the response to a library budget shortfall of $20 million.

That number, according to The Miami Herald, could have been whittled down to 14. But the reality is that whatever number is the final number of closures, the libraries that remain open will be a shell of themselves, said attorney John Quick, president of the board of the Friends of the Miami Dade Public Library.

Quick, of Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske, said the remaining libraries will be crippled, including the main library next to the county’s government offices, which will have to vacate some of their space.

“The levels of service are going to be so low, that they will be homework centers, where kids can do their homework and have internet access,” he said. “It’s going to be a shell of what it currently is.”

Quick has rallied to return the money to the libraries, including taking his kids to protests, and has been meeting with county officials to come up with an alternative scenario. One option may be to seek private funding through sponsorships, he said.’



Source : Oscar Pedro Musibay

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