Let’s “Check-in” to 5-Star Luxury Hotel Vibe at Room Service Restaurant Lounge

Room Service Restaurant Lounge is a spectacular venue for one-of-a-kind dining and drinking experience in South Beach. Just a perfect and awesome destination for Barchelorettes where they can bid their singlehood adieu.

room service

The place mirrors the perception of checking-in to a luxury hotel, starting with “bellmen” escorting guests to their “private suite”, a bottle service from French maidens and a personal “Butler” who brings awesome menu and dishes that embody American Cuisine with Latin Flair. Cocktails and desserts complete the dining experience with presentation on a “Room Service” carts.



Tamara Young and Richard Ford, Owners

Tamara Young & Richard Ford‘s attempt to create a 5-Star luxury hotel vibe that is truely unique and elegant. Happy hour from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. is offered at the bar and throughout the “Lobby” and is  dubbed as “Early Check-In”.  At 11pm, the restaurant transforms into a lounge complete with DJ and French maiden servers. Guests were seated by bellhopping hostesses. Diners choose bites from the menu’s divided sections: Check-In (appetizers), Enjoy Your Stay (entrees), and Stay A While (desserts). In addition, Chef Emmanuelli has designed a delectable food menu that includes both small and large plates, salads and signature homemade desserts. The extensive variety of dishes include these signature items: South Beach Cones, Lobby Sliders, Room Service Dip Trio, Bird’s Nest, Volcano Skirt Steak and the Ultimate Club.

room service 1

Rooms Service has a wide selection of cocktails which followed their hotel theme named Lights Out, Wake up Call, 3 Days 2 Nights and Presidential Suite. For now, the lounge lights up on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, each with a respective promotable premise (sports mania, ladies night, hip hop and the like).

Room Service also holds private parties accommodating up to 30 guests and is available for corporate and special events up to 270 guests.

ROOM SERVICE RESTAURANT LOUNGE: “Defining the Key to Service”

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