Latteria Italiana opens in Midtown

A new Italian Cafe called Latteria Italiana opens at Midtown . Latteria Italiana inspiration comes from the way the typical latteria was since the early 1950’s in Italy. Awakening with the fragrance of roasted Italian espresso with a slice of Paradiso cake, children use to buy delicious gelato, candy, biscuits, and jams as well as young ladies buying pasta, bread and sauces to prepare heart-filled dinners for their families. During afternoon it was a parlor where men would catch up and talk lazily around their day at work eating gelato or having a lunch break with a mozzarella and ham piadina or drinking milk: in Italy these were incredibly precious goods during postwar days. Mums use to write their shopping lists on a piece of paper for their kids running happily to the store. The children enjoyed spending mums change on candies and a glass of fresh milk to cheer them up! The feeling was of a friendly and very simple spot, a point of aggregation where anybody could stop by and relax for a while. Latteria Italiana will recall of those days of fresh and simple feelings through our artisanal gelato surrounded by typical Italian deli to let everybody taste a little bit of Italian passion. Here is more information about Latteria Italiana :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Everything here is from Italy. The pistachios in your gelato: from Sicily. The espresso in your cup: from Trieste. The blue-tile wallpaper, armoire and family photos: if you guessed Italian, good job with those context clues. It’s where you’ll while away an afternoon with a good book and a Piadina Parma—that’s a taco-looking sandwich stuffed with prosciutto di Parma and mozzarella—then graduate to one of their 16 gelatos before picking up a few stocks and sauces from their in-store market. But then, there’s still the matter of those 15 other gelatos…”


According to Dailywood :

“Latteria Italiana is opening in Midtown. They will be offering breakfast, lunch and dinner along with coffee & gelato as their main focus. All of the products they will be selling are imported from small farms in Italy. Midtown was their location of choice due to the high residential density. They also enjoy being in between Wynwood and The Design District. Some of the flavors of gelato will be lactose free; made with a water base. The environment is a mix of classic and contemporary with a very inviting energy that will allow you to enjoy your coffee and panini. Latteria Italiana is located at 3301 NE 1st Avenue #101 in Midtown and will be open 7 days a week from 8 AM – 9 PM and until 11 PM on the weekends.”


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