Latin Burger and Taco now opens in Coral Gables

Breaking news in the world of burgers: Latin Burger and Taco, the wildly popular food truck, has just opened up a colorful brick-and-mortar in the Gables.


Yup, the Latin Burger and Taco crew’s got a permanent home. All happy-looking and stuff. What with all the bright orange-and-pink walls, lizard-skin booths and pop art prints of Madonna and MJ enjoying a cheeseburger. In short: it’s something you should get in on.


So collect some friends for a casual lunch and head to the counter in the back. Order their Latin Macho burger and fries. Oh, and a chicken-mole taco. At which point they’ll give you a beeper.


While you wait for it to buzz, grab a seat at the communal table facing the Mile. The glass door will be wide open, giving you a sweet vantage point. Then, when your beeper beckons, pick up your food and do your thing.


Now, beer. That’ll be here next week (fingers crossed). But in the meantime, you can console yourself with one of the Oreo milkshakes made by fellow trucker Dolci Peccati.


No, but seriously, the beer’ll be here soon.



Source : Urban Daddy