Larry Page’s New Flying Car

Google co-founder Larry Page has spent the past few years building his very own flying car company, and finally, that company’s first flying car is available to customers. The startup Kitty Hawk has revealed the newest version of its Flyer vehicle and says that it only takes an hour of training for a user to learn to fly it.

Page’s Kitty Hawk startup operated in complete obscurity until its existence became known in 2016, although details on the specifics of the company remained a mystery until a year later when it formally unveiled their ‘Flyer’ prototype. The craft was effectively a giant rideable quadcopter, although the design was a bit rough around the edges.

Since that unveiling in 2017, the Kitty Hawk team has been hard at work updating its designs. The new design looks much more polished and is being made available to potential customers for a test flight for the first time, although they’ll have to travel to Lake Las Vegas to test it.