Lamborghini Urus is the First SSUV Vehicle

Already given the name of the first SSUV (Super Sports Utility Vehicle) the Lamborghini Urus is likely to top the sales of all other Lamborghini’s this year.

The luxury car can go up to 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds and can keep accelerating to 189 mph! This feature makes it the fastest SUV in the market right now. The Lamborghini is a fast driving yet family-friendly car with spacious back seats and room for luggage.

If off-roading is your niche this supercar offers speed off-roading on all type of terrain. The sporty look on the exterior and the top tier class style in the interior makes this vehicle one fit for everyone’s needs. The Urus is equipped with six driving modes which include three modes just for off-roading such as snow, sand, and general off road. This stupendous vehicle is calling the names of anyone who enjoys a little luxury in their life.