La Moderna Miami opens at Miami Beach

Rome meets Miami Beach, in the latest addition to Sunset Harbour’s booming restaurant scene. Imported from the formerly working-class, now trendy Testaccio neighborhood in Rome, La Moderna artfully combines European-influenced craft cocktails, artesian pizza and a full menu of Italian classics from la cucina (the kitchen). The interior space, a contemporary interpretation of a mechanical workshop was designed by renown Italian architect Roberto Liorni and features a meticulously-crafted copper bar which is the stage from which the bartenders, many of whom will travel from our location in Rome, will perform. The whimsical art of Spanish illustrator, Maria Corte will adorn the menus and interior. La Moderna combines craft cocktails, pizza and high-quality Italian food at neighborhood-friendly prices, with a heaping serving of Italian flare. Here is more information about La Moderna :


According to Urban Daddy :

“La Moderna, your new source for crispy Neapolitan pies and cinema-themed drinking, now open in Sunset Harbour from the owner of Fratelli la Bufala. The original La Moderna is located in the Testaccio neighborhood of Rome. Here, it’s got the Italian futurism thing working for it. Like a mid-century workshop outfitted with exposed ductwork, worktable lamps and orderly squares of subway tile surrounding banquettes. If you’re going low-key, grab a seat along the long stretch of copper bar. Order the aforementioned Jackie Brown (it’s got tequila, espresso and spiced syrup in it) from your friendly Roman barkeep, along with a buffalo-mozzarella-topped Neapolitan pie straight out of the brick oven.”


According to :

“The 100-seat space was designed by Roman architect Roberto Liorni and features a wood-burning, Neapolitan-style pizza oven crafted by Stefano Ferrara.  Like Fratelli La Bufala (437 Washington Ave.), La Moderna has a sister location in Rome. Unlike the pizza shop (a favorite of Herald food critic Victoria Pesce Elliott), the new restaurant will feature a broader menu that includes spaghetti with caviar, oyster and crispy leeks; squid-ink ravioli stuffed with cod and served with saffron sauce; and a full bar with guest bartenders from Italy and elsewhere in Europe. ” written by Evan S. Benn.


According to Eater :

“Pizza, pasta and cocktails are the name of the game at newcomer La Moderna. The Italian restaurant, which has an outpost in Rome, opens its American location tonight in Sunset Harbour. On the menu expect, Italian dishes with a modern twist, like spaghetti with Osetra caviar, squid-ink ravioli stuffed with cod and pizza made using a Neapolitan flour that proofs for more than 70 hours. Of course plenty of cocktails will be on hand with, eight signature drinks inspired by movies, art and pop culture, on the menu. No word if a “Godfather” themed drink will be offered, but we can only hope. The owner of La Moderna, Luca D’Angelo, is no stranger to Italian cuisine either. He also happens own and operate another Miami Beach Italian staple, Fratelli La Bufala.” written by Olee Fowler.


According to New Times :

“The kitchen, helmed by executive chef Manuel Lanni, will offer the rustic yet elegant fare of the central Lazio region of Italy, where Rome resides. Although the full menu is not yet available, dishes include spaghetti liberally doused with Oestra caviar and squid ink ravioli stuffed with cod, served with a saffron sauce. At La Moderna, Neapolitan-style pizzas are made using the same methods found in the famous pizzerias along Napoli’s famed Via dei Tribunali. Special flour is proofed for over 70 hours, then kneaded on special Carrara marble before being placed in a Stefano Ferrara handmade brick oven to get a charred, blistered crust and molten center. The cocktail program is headed by executive bar manager Valentino Longo and executive mixologist Rusty Cerven and features eight signature drinks inspired by classic Italian movies and art, all designed to be paired with the restaurant’s food. The bar will also host special guest bartenders from Europe’s most acclaimed lounges.” written by Laine Doss.


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